The Anonymous Widower

I Can’t Go On Like This

I am feeling absolutely dreadful, but I don’t think it is the cold I’ve picked up.

I’m coughing and sneezing like mad because of a dry throat and I can remember times like this as a child, when I had days and weeks off school.

But in some ways it all changed, hen my parents bought a second house in Felixstowe, so I was taken away for most weekends, thus getting away from the London smog.

Now, I find that if I get some sun, I feel a lot better/ But since I went to Madeira a month ago, I’ve seen precious little sun.

I think my problem is that my gut doesn’t absorb vitamin B12 and D, so I only get vitamin D through the sun.

Going gluten-free obviously didn’t work for me.

It’s funny, but if I have a walk of a mile of so in the sun, it cures all my problems.

January 8, 2017 - Posted by | Health |


  1. I now take 2,000iu of Vitamin D daily, and it makes a great difference. My level when I had it tested was 8. The normal value is 100 – 200. Once the stuff is in my body, it then needs sunlight to activate it. Obviously, I don’t absorb as I should, but I have the added issue of being anaphylacticaly allergic to be most fish. Most people get the majority of their through fish.

    Would some of the air purifiers on the market in your house help? I know Dyson do one, which serves as an air conditioning unit, and removes particles.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | January 8, 2017 | Reply

    • I’ve tried everything. I’m pf the opinion that my gut doesn’t absorb vitan D. Nut if I’m in the sun my INR rises. If I don’t get any sun, it drops, because there is evidence on the web that vitamin D levels affect INR.

      We’ve not had any sun in London for days.

      Comment by AnonW | January 8, 2017 | Reply

  2. I don’t know much about INR. My mother used to try and use my father’s INR readings to blackmail me into doing things. We have had some sun in Manchester over the past couple of weeks, indeed several says when we didnt need the heating on during the day because so much sun was shining into the front of the house. But by about three, it is getting cold again.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | January 8, 2017 | Reply

  3. We’ve had quite a bit of sun in London and on the coast. But places to the South are difficult because of all the unnecessary rail strikes.

    According to The Sunday Times, we might have a National Strike before that is cleared up.

    Comment by AnonW | January 8, 2017 | Reply

  4. We are past mid-winter now, so it is a downhill run to spring and summer; no doubt with a few blips on the way.
    You could try a cruise to a warm climate, they are quite cheap at this time of the year, and there are a lot of single widowed people who do. There’s plenty to do on board, as well as places to stop off. You could learn to dance, learn to play bridge (or maybe you already do), do some water-colour painting, play deck games, or just laze about reading or watching films. It’s never too late to take up something new. You might meet new friends with similar interests.

    Comment by John Wright | January 8, 2017 | Reply

  5. I went on a cruise once and it was awful.

    Ifind I can get enough sun by awalk in it, The last sun, I saw was in Watford about ten days ago.

    Comment by AnonW | January 9, 2017 | Reply

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