The Anonymous Widower

Vitamin D Problems

I found this post in the MedHelp web site.

Under a heading of Huge Problems With Vision, this is said.

Hi at all,
at first sorry for my english. – I´m from Germany and will try my best! I go diagnosesed with a low vitamin D level from 20 and I´m glad to found this forum because I never thought that all theses symptomse could be yust because of a low Vitamin D level. I´m taking 50.000 iU once a week since 3 weeks now. I have most of the symtomse the most of you have like,

– tick with the eye,
-consistently feeling dizzy, like I’ve shifted a couple of inches one direction or the other, without really moving at all – short on air.
-Muscle pain in both sides of the rib area,
-Problems swallowing,
-Joints in my feet and legs were very painful, making it very hard to walk up and down stairs
-Constant buzzing sensation on the souls of my feet now
– Cramps in my legs
– not sleeping well
– sweating during the night
– cant concentrate or even thinking
–  allmost dizzy all the time

What bothered me the most right know is my vision. I can´t drive or do my grocery anymore. I´m allmost at home now for over 2 month. Dos somebody else has problems with their vision too? Do you know how long i takes to get better?

They could be describing my problems.

After my stroke, I had my eyes tested and was banned from driving. As I’d been in hospital for a couple of months, I suspect my vitamin D levels were rock bottom.

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