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Two Options For East Leeds Parkway Station

The proposed East Leeds Parkway station is a little bit more than your average parkway station.

The Wikipedia entry starts like this.

It will be served by trains from the west of Leeds which would normally terminate at Leeds station; by continuing eastwards to this station, it is hoped that extra capacity for through trains would be created at Leeds. The station would also form the first phase of electrifying the railway line to the east of Leeds. As a parkway station, the intention would be to allow for a park-and-ride service and the plans include parking for 500 cars.

It also adds these points about the station.

  • The station will be on the Selby Line.
  • It will have two long platforms for Inter City trains and a bay platform for terminating services.
  • Proposed Ilkley/Bradford to London services could stop at the station.
  • Most importantly, the Local Authorities seem to be prepared to back the station with funds.

Wikipedia also says there are two possible locations for the station.

This Google Map shows East Leeds.


Note the string of stations on the Selby Line running from West to East.

The original location was to put the parkway station at Micklefield, which is in the East, where the line crosses the A1M close to Micklefield station.

Newer plans suggest that the station should be in the region of Thorpe Park, which is close to the major interchange, to the west of where the Selby Line crosses the M1.

I suspect both locations have their merits, but that the Thorpe Park location may have a lot more space and a convenient brownfield site, as this Google Map shows.


The Selby Line runs from West to East at the top of the map.

The site is cetainly well-served by the roads in the area.

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  1. Interesting as it may eventually connect my line. Thanks for posting.

    Comment by Little Miss Traveller | February 6, 2017 | Reply

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