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West Anglia Route Improvement – Timings Between Tottenham Hale And Broxbourne Stations

How long do various trains take between Tottenham Hale and Broxbourne stations?

The Line

The distance between the two stations is 11.2 miles or 18 kilometres and there are the following stations.

The stations marked with an asterisk (*) have level crossings.

The line has an operating speed of 100 mph in places, but a lot of places are much slower.

Slow Services

The slowest service takes twenty minutes  stopping at all stations except for Northumberland Park and Angel Road stations.

Fast Services

The fastest service takes thirteen minutes with just a stop at Cheshunt, which gives an average speed of about 52 mph.

Fast Services Using A Dedicated Line

If a dedicated line between Tottenham Hale and Broxbourne were to be built where trains perhaps only stopped at Broxbourne, averaging 80 mph would mean a time of 8.4 minutes.

So there is potential if the dedicated fast line were to be built as a 100 mph line and trains ran non-stop to make savings of several minutes.

Slow Services Stopping At All Stations With Modern Trains

Crossrail is replacing elderly Class 315 trains with new Class 345 trains and it might be worth looking at these times for between Goodmayes and Brentwood stations, where there are four stops.

  • Class 315 train – 21 minutes
  • Class 345 train – 15 minutes

Greater Anglia are swapping elderly Class 317 trains with new Aventras, which are designed for quick stops, as are Crossrail’s Class 345 trains.

So I suspect that if a minute is saved for each stop, that would mean with the same stopping pattern, a time of 15 minutes could be possible.

I just wonder, if with a few tweaks, that trains can could match the current fastest time of thirteen minutes stopping at everywhere except for Northumberland Park and Angel Road stations.


  • All stations will be made step-free, so once passengers learn the ropes, loading and unloading delays will be minimised.
  • Platforms will be aligned to the trains for fast loading and unloading.
  • STAR will handle Angel Road and Northumberland Park stations.
  • Four level crossings will be closed, which must help.
  • Both types of trains on the route would have similar performance and they would just run slower for slow services.
  • Fast trains will have their own line.
  • Help from the signalling and Driver Assistance Systems.

In addition, we mustn’t underestimate the contribution driver skill will make.

An Ideal World

In an ideal world the following could happen.

  • Every fast train to London, would be met at Broxbourne station by a paired slow train and passengers would take a train according to their needs, by just walking across the platform.
  • The next stop for the fast train would be Liverpool Street or Stratford, after running down the new fast line at a speed approaching 100 mph.
  • The slow train would stop everywhere, but arrive at Tottenham Hale in a time, that fast trains achieve today.

Coming out from London, the process would reverse.

No journeys would take longer than now, but some would be several minutes quicker.

All changes would be cross-platform at Broxbourne.

The Design Of The Fast Lines

If the fastest route between A and B, where there is no direct train, is to change at Broxbourne, there would never be a need to change anywhere else, so the only station with platforms on the fast and slow lines is Broxbourne.


I’m probably not exactly right here, but if the Crossrail actual and proposed timings are correct, there is a substantial time saving to be made.

The fast lines can also be very simple without platforms, which means that at stations like Tottenham Hale, Enfield Lock and Waltham Cross, it might be possible to squeeze the lines in.


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