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Should We Boycott America Over Trump And Cimate Change?

This article called Paris climate deal: Trump announces US will withdraw, has just appeared on the BBC web site.

I feel strongly that we should all cut our burning of fossil fuels, or at least the high carbon ones like coal.

So what can we do?

I typed “Boycott America Trump climate change” into Google and got a large number of articles posted in the last couple of days.

So I’m certainly not the only one who feels strongly!

So will I be boycotting American goods and services?

I always do to a certain extent, because when it comes to gluten-free foods, a lot of American manufacturers use high strength glucose made from wheat instead of sugar. And I react to it.

So for example, I now no longer eat any Cadbury products!

I also haven’t used a Starbucks for some time, but that’s in protest at their tax affairs.

It’ll be interesting how this one plays out!

After all, there’s quite a few Americans who didn’t vote for Trummkopf and some States appear to be going down the Paris route.

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  1. Boycott America except for states, cities, firms that have committed to “Live by Paris”. Many are doing so.
    Trump and his clique of liars will be isolated within America on this issue.

    Comment by Walter | June 1, 2017 | Reply

  2. Let’s face it, Trump’s mate Farage has got the UK in the mess it is over Brexit.

    We need a few scientifically-correct politicians.

    Comment by AnonW | June 1, 2017 | Reply

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