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Temporary Barriers On London’s Bridges

Barriers to protect pedestrians have been installed on some of London’s bridges.

I hope these monstrosities are only temporary and they are replaced with something more in keeping with the historic bridges.

I still feel that we should shut Southwark and Lambeth Bridges to all traffic except buses, cyclists and pedestrians.

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Imams Refuse Funeral Prayers To ‘Indefensible’ London Bridge Attackers

This is the title on this article in the Guardian.

This is said.

More than 130 imams and Muslim religious leaders have said they will refuse to say funeral prayers for the perpetrators of Saturday’s attack in London.

In a highly unusual move, Muslim religious figures from across the country and from different schools of Islam said their pain at the suffering of the victims and their families led them to refuse to perform the traditional Islamic prayer – a ritual normally performed for every Muslim regardless of their actions. They called on others to do the same.

Obviously, the last crop of attackers can’t do anything more to us, but will a sanction like this make it more likely other attackers will strike?

I’m not against imams and Muslim religious leaders coming to their own decision, as this is still a free country, but I also think ot’s something the government should stay clear of.

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The Vigil For The Victims Of The London Bridge Attack

I went to the Vigil At Potters Field Park for the victims of the London Bridge Attack.

Will London’s solidarity and defiance make any difference?

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Crossrail’s High-Tech Leak System At Moorgate Station

Moorgate station is being rebuilt for Crossrail, with a lot of development above the station.

These pictures, show their new high-tech system for protection passengers from the dangers of water leaks.

Some things just can’t be improved upon!

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