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Congestion Charge On Minicabs To Boost Buses

The title of this post is the same as an article in the Sunday Times.

As a non-driver, I don’t pay the Congestion Charge, but I do get fed up with both the mass of traffic and the pollution it causes in Central London. The former mainly for slowing the buses I use.

The article is saying the following.

  • The Charge will be levied on mini-cabs.
  • The Charge may be levied to 11 pm instead of 6 pm.
  • The Charge msy be levied on Saturdays.

Why not Sundays as well?

And surely the Western Extension should be reinstated!

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  1. Some people enjoy proposing taxes they will never pay. If you don’t have a car and never or rarely use minicabs then you won’t pay this tax. Hotel occupancy tax is another example – tourists can’t vote you out of office.

    Of course the charge would be passed onto the hapless passengers, and of course having a 23:00 deadline would simply cause a rush at whatever time the charge ended.

    As for the western extension, well putting this forward proved tremendously popular for Ken Livingstone.

    In fact where there have been votes such charges have been unceremoniously voted down: –

    Edinburgh – tightly drawn franchise area, where less than half households had access to a car – defeated 3:1
    Greater Manchester – defeated 4:1, chair of transport authority voted off going from >50% and first to <25% and third

    Comment by Mark Clayton | October 30, 2017 | Reply

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