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Electrification At Bromsgrove – 26th December 2017

These pictures show the electrification works at Bromsgrove station and up and down the Lickey Incline.

Nearly all the gantries seem to have been erected and much of the wiring seem to have been added.

It would appear that there is every chance that Bromsgrove will be able to run an electric service on Birmingham’s Cross-City Line in May 2018.

Onward From Bromsgrove With Electric Trains

It is worthwhile to look at the options for taking electric trains onward from Bromsgrove station.

The distances to and from Bromsgrove are as possible.

  • Birmingham – 25 miles – Electrified
  • Worcester – 16 miles – Not Electrified
  • Hereford – 42 miles – Not Electrified

West Midlands Trains‘ fleet of four-car diesel CAF Civity trains would handle Birmingham to Hereford with ease.

Abellio, who are a partner in West Midlands Trains, have ordered Stadler bi-mode Class 755 trains for Greater Anglia.

These trains are ideal for routes like Norwich to Stansted and Cambridge to Ipswich, but they would also be efficient on the Birmingham to Hereford route.

So perhaps we might see bi-mode trains or trains with batteries on suburban routes from Birmingham.

I doubt a battery train could go further than Worcester.

The Lickey Incline

Electrifying from Birmingham to Bromsgrove means that the steep Lickey Incline will be included in the works.

Once the Lickey Incline is electrified, I would think it more likely that bi-mode trains could be seen on the routes to Hereford and Worcester.


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What A Waste Of Space!

This picture shows two two-car Class 170 trains working together as a four-car unit.

Look at how much space is wasted in the length of this train, by the two middle cabs!

If these Class 170 trains were to be replaced with a four-car train, this would surely increase the capacity of the train, as there would be more space to put seats!

It should be noted that West Midlands Trains have ordered some four-car CAF Civity trains.


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Is The Gospel Oak To Barking Line Really Back On Track?

This article in the Waltham Forest Echo is entitled Back On Track.

It details progress on the upgrading of the Gospel Oak To Barking Line.

This is a summary of the article.

  • The electrification works will finish by Sunday, the 14th of January.
  • The Class 172 trains will resume service on that day.
  • Testing of the electrification will be ongoing.
  • The bridge at Crouch Hill needs sorting. Probably over Easter.
  • The new Class 710 trains are supposed to be arriving.
  • There will be extra late night services.

I’ll believe it, when I see it!


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