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What Is It With All These Fires?

Grenfell, California, Manchester, New York, Mumbai, Portugal in the Summer and now, Liverpool!

Luckily, last night’s fire  didn’t see any sentient casualties!

It’s almost, as if we’re losing our fear of fire and precautions that previous generations took in the design of buildings, vehicles and life are being side-lined.

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  1. More to the point, we did not, at one time have so much awareness of the world. There are some people who think that sinister capitalist groups are using military lasers to start the fires. There are films showing beams of light on You tube. Slum clearance by greedy capitalist developers.

    Comment by Jagracer | January 1, 2018 | Reply

  2. I was talking to Neil this morning about it, and wondered if there aren’t more fires, but that there are more being reported because of the huge increase in the amount of time news media now has in order to report things. Certainly here in Manchester, on the local news website we get details of every chip pan fire, and other ones caused by candles etc, even when no casualties, and fir out by the time the engines get there. Another suggestion is that the various fire services are making sure everyone know everything they are called to in order that people realise how important they are, and how much they need their budget and some!

    Of recent ones in UK, Grenfell was caused by a fridge catching fire, the recent Manchester one was a child playing I believe, the previous one was murder, and the Liverpool one was a fire within a car – presumably from some sort of faulty wiring or heater, which may not have been an detected fault in something.

    Grenfell, the fridge fire may not have been predicted/predictable; there were some poor decisions made by the fire crews who left the people in the building, BUT that was considered safe practice, we know it was a mistake due to the benefit of hindsight. The murders of those little children was not predictable, the recent one in Tib Street was probably parents too busy/tired/drunk etc to realise what child was doing, which is of course negligence, but we don’t know what the toy was and how easy it was to anticipate what might happen. Liverpool, who knows, the investigation has only just begun.

    however, I believe that fire safety should be included in the school curriculum, along with first aid, which might already be in, not sure.

    We are a bit neurotic about fire safety, I have been in 2 fires and I am very a bit scared of it.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | January 1, 2018 | Reply

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