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Riding The Coast Tram

The Coast Tram in Belgium, runs along the whole Belgian coast and is the longest tram line in the world.

I took these pictures, as I rode it from Blankenberg station to De Panne station and then back to Oostende station.

From Blankenberge To Oostende

At Oostende station we changed trams before moving on to De Panne.

From Oostende To De Panne

There is a lot to see on this part of the route.

From De Panne To Oostende

Would you really want to call a theme Park Plopsaland?

I didn’t see anybody in the sea!

Ridership On The Coastal Tram

Despite the windy weather, the extended intervals due to the strike, the ridership was good.

There were people of all ages from schoolchildren, through teenagers and those going to work, to quite a few pensioners.

And like me, not all were from Belgium.

Wikipedia says this under Characteristics.

The service makes 69 stops along the 68 km line, with a tram running every 10 min during the peak summer months (every 20 min in the winter months), and it is used by over 3 million passengers. The service has recently been made more accessible by new low-floor centre sections to existing vehicles and a few new HermeLijn low-floor trams.

Given, that work was proceeding in several places, I feel the Coastal Tram has a sound future.



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  1. […] I enjoyed riding Belgium’s Coastal Tram, which I wrote about in Riding The Coast Tram. […]

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  2. How lovely to have a tram line on the coast like that. Thanks for sharing.
    I am a Life Coach and also have a poetry blog here on WordPress and today’s poem is about a tram driver in Switzerland in case you have time to look? Have also included the link to my coaching website in case you are interested in seeing this too.
    Sunny greetings from Switzerland,
    Sam 🙂

    Comment by Sam Allen Creative Coach | May 31, 2018 | Reply

    • Thanks! In some ways travelling and writing about transport, is my way of sorting out my life! Funny, but I was in Aosta yesterday, rhat’s about as near to Switzeelabd as you can get without being there!

      Comment by AnonW | May 31, 2018 | Reply

      • Not too far though! Travel allows us to get some distance from our thoughts and feelings and to perceive them from different angles I think? 🙂

        Comment by Sam Allen Creative Coach | May 31, 2018

      • Just after my wife dued, I went to Rome. Walking in front of me was a lady with two salukis, one of which was limping. She was worried and jept looking at the dig’foot. So I went over and asked if I could help. It turned out, she was widowed too and we chatted for about an hour in a park. I know dogs and felt the best thing to do was to take him to a vet. We noth felt better after that!
        Widowhood is a dark club, that we didn’t want to join!

        Comment by AnonW | May 31, 2018

  3. […] I have liked the concept of coastal trams, even since I rode in the one along the Belgian coast, which I wrote about in Riding The Coast Tram. […]

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