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The Stunning New Public Space Under The Ordsall Chord Might Not Open To The Public For Years

The title of this post is the same as that of this article in the Manchester Evening News.

As I understand it, the new Orsall Chord in Manchester has been designed to open up a public space by the River Irwell.

The headline says it all and there appears to be no-one who knows when it will open.

For one time too, it doesn’t seem that Network Rail is the villain of the piece.

I suppose the trouble is that this development has nothing to do with football!

Come on Manchester, get your act together!

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  1. It did well to make MEN – since Mirror Group took over, it covers Coronation St and its actors in very great depth – often making a headline out of things which are blindingly obvious, and on occasions things are pure speculation, overly dramatised. I completely ignore the football news. Manchester, and Salford, main problem is they don’t have any money. A lot of regeneration is being done by retired footballers. Nothing would induce me to move into either city. Although my daughter Helen and her partner I’ve there and they love it. But they are early 30s and love the theatres, restaurants, etc.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | September 16, 2018 | Reply

  2. To me Manchester’s problem, is that the City Centre is very pedestrian unfriendly compared to say Liverpool or Glasgow. There are cars rushing about all the time.

    I usually walk, as I find the need to buy a ticket for the trams laughable compared to London, where I could use a bank card, if I didn’t have a pass. The bus routes are also so difficult for a non-Mancunian to fathom without a guide. And you generally have to walk to Piccadilly Gardens anyway!

    Except of course the free small buses

    Manchester’s transport system is so 1960s.

    Comment by AnonW | September 16, 2018 | Reply

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