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Will There Be Hydrogen-Powered Class 230 Trains?

In the October 2018 Edition of Modern Railways, there is an article which is entitled Vivaral Delivers First Class 230.

In addition to discussing the deployment on the Marston Vale Line, the article has various sub-sections describing future plans for the Class 230 trains.

One such sub-section is entitled Isle of Hydrogen Hybrid?.

This is the first paragraph.

Vivarail is still waiting to hear whether it will receive a European Union grant to develop a hydrogen fuel cell version of the Class 230, although Mr. Shooter was hopeful confirmation of this would be received in September. The application has been made with a range of other organisations including Canadian fuel cell company Ballard.

Other points from the sub-section include.

  • The train will be a hydrogen-battery hybrid.
  • The design would be similar to the diesel-battery hybrid for the Borderlands Line.
  • The hydrogen fuel cells would be in the centre vehicle.

It is also said that hydrogen storage can’t be on the roof, due to the UK’s restrictive loading gauge.


At the moment, it’s just adding another prototype train to a long list of trains with a better environmental footprint.

If this train is successful, it will be a three-car independently-powered train, with no emissions and low noise, which will be ideal for a lot of routes in the UK and possibly other countries, which share out passenger loading gaue and requirements.


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  1. more on Vivarail’s plans at
    Claiming a range of 650 miles

    Comment by Peter Robins | January 31, 2019 | Reply

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