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Could A Platform Or Platforms Be Added To The High Meads Loop To Improve Connectivity At Stratford?

This Google Map shows Stratford International station..

The main station is obvious, but note the Stratford International DLR station to the North on the other side of Interbational Way.

  • From the DLR station the tracks curve Southwards and cross the High Speed tracks towards St. Pancras.
  • Alongside these tracks is the double-track High Meads Loop.
  • On the Northern side of the DLR station, the loop enters a tunnel to connect the tracks to Lea Bridge and Tottenham Hale stations.
  • At the Southern end, the loop connects to the tracks that go through platforms 11 and 12 of the domestic Stratford station, before joining with the other side of the High Meads Loop at Temple Meads East Junction to go North.
  • Platform 11 would handle trains going clockwise round the loop and Platform 12 those going anti-clockwise.

This map from shows the track layout in detail.

The loop has been used in the past to turn Stansted Expresses that ran to Stratford, where they called in Platform 12. The signs are still there, as this picture, which was taken at the Eastern end of the Overground plstforms 1 and 2, shows.

The capacity of the loop must be quite large.

  • A similar single-track loop under Liverpool handles as many as fourteen trains per hour (tph).
  • The double-track loop could probably handle upwards of sixteen tph.

The following is also planned, is happening or could happen.

  • Crossrail should open in 2019 giving a direct connection between Stratford and Heathrow via Paddington, the West End and Liverpool Street.
  • Four tph will run between Stratford and Meridian Water stations.
  • A Stansted Express service between Stansted and Stratford could be reintroduced.
  • Liverpool Street is getting increasingly crowded.
  • London Overground might  run services between Stratford and the Lea Valley.

Utilising the capacity of the existing High Meads Loop would probably be an easier option, than expanding Liverpool Street.

I arrived at Stratford International DLR station today and after using the Western entrance, I took these pictures.

The High Meads Loop is not that far from the DLR station and there would appear to be scope to create at least one platform.

This Google Map shows the Western end of the DLR station and the High Meads Loop.

I think there is scope in the area to create a link between the three stations at the Western end of the DLR station, which is the building with the blue roof.

It could also be a better walking route to the Internation station, as you won’t have to fight your way through Eastfields.


I think it will be tricky, but a better interchange will be created.


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  1. The shopping centre may be in east London but it’s still called Westfield not Eastfield !

    While development may be increasing usage of both Stratford International Stations they are still well underused compared to the main Stratford Station with DLR trains often emptying out when the reach the main Stratford Station. Anyone who has looked beyond Stratford International DLR terminal can see an open strip of land which could be used to extend the DLR towards Leyton with new local stations serving new development in between.

    I also wonder if the Overground could be extended from Stratford to the new Meridian Water Station providing new through journeys to North London Line Stations.

    Comment by Melvyn | October 30, 2018 | Reply

    • A lot of people in the East End tefer to the shopping centre as Eastfield.

      Extending the DLR has not been mentioned for some years and an improved Central Line in the next ten years will bury it.

      Comment by AnonW | October 30, 2018 | Reply

  2. I like the idea but the primary problem I’d see here is anything going from P11/12 around the loop would have to cross both directions of the North London Line on the flat. This line runs 8tph passenger service already in both directions and this could rise to 10tph or 12tph in the next few years, plus freight paths. This makes this seem impractical.

    Perhaps a better way would be to run the loop service on the inside tracks of the loop, leaving the Overground on the outside tracks, and rework some of the platform allocations at Stratford to reduce conflicts. May be an impossibly tight squeeze though.

    Comment by ijmad | October 30, 2018 | Reply

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