The Anonymous Widower

The Knightsbridge Desert

On Saturday, I visited an event between Knightsbridge and Sloane Square stations. I was thirty minutes early and the person, I was meeting was running a few minutes late, so I decided to have a coffee.

I remember Sloane Street from the 1960s, when we would take the kids to the area to area to perhaps do a bit of specialist shopping, have a browse and have lunch in one of the many nice cafes. Or in the 1990s, when C and myself, would stay overnight in the area, see a show and buy a few clothes we needed. I still wear the Gieves and Hawkes jacket C bought me in Harrods over thirty years ago, on such a trip.

But now it is a desert of expensive shops, with nothing else in sight. I could afford to shop there, but I have two problems. I can get better value for myself in local shops or markets and I don’t have a lady of my own age to indulge.

I eventually found a pub and had a very good coffee.

The only thing I found interesting in the area, was the rebuilding of Knightsbridge station.

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