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Bunhill 2 Energy Centre

I took these pictures as I walked up City Road.

This used to be the site of the short-lived City Road station on the Northern Line. It can’t have been very significant in the 1970s, as C and myself would probably have passed it several times a week and I can’t remember it.

There are more details on this page of the Borough of Islington web site, which is entitled Bunhill Heat Network.

This is said about Phase 2 of the project.

Phase 2 of the Bunhill Heat and Power network involves building a new energy centre at the top of Central Street, connecting the King’s Square Estate to the network and adding capacity to supply a further 1,000 homes.

The core of the new energy centre is a 1MW heat pump that will recycle the otherwise wasted heat from a ventilation shaft on the Northern Line of the London Underground network, and will transfer that heat into the hot water network. During the summer months, the system will be reversed to inject cool air into the tube tunnels.


  1. A 1MW heat pump can supply enough hot water heat upwards of a thousand homes.
  2. Could you heat your house for an average of 1kW?
  3. The King’s Square Estate is being refurbished and is hundreds of homes.
  4. The heat pump can also be used to cool the Northern Line in the summer.

I shall look forward to seeing over Bunhill 2 Energy Centre, when and if, it is opened to the public, as the first centre  was during Open House 2013. I described that visit in The Bunhill Energy Centre.

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  2. The answer to question 2 is yes – we use gas for water and space heating in the winter and it works out at just over 1kW.

    Comment by Mark Clayton | December 7, 2018 | Reply

    • You do wonder sometimes, if the Picc-Vic Tunnel would have been a good idea?

      It would have given.

      1. Piccadilly two extra modern platforms.

      2. With modern signalling upwards of sixteen extra trains per hour in both directions.

      3. A station in Piccadilly Gardens.

      4. It would have probably encouraged people not to drive into Manchester.

      Now, heat could have been extracted to perhaps warm the Arndale Centre.

      Although, I do think with modern electric trains using batteries to harvest energy, there would not be so much heat generated.

      What’s the ground like in Manchester. London is so lucky with its clay!

      Comment by AnonW | December 7, 2018 | Reply

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