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The New Track Through Tottenham Hale Station Looks Complete

I took these pictures of the third track through Tottenham Hale station yesterday.

It appears to be substantially complete, although there is no catenary under Ferry Lane bridge.

Two days later, there was an engineering train on the new track.

The project does appear to be progressing.

January 15, 2019 - Posted by | Transport | , ,

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  1. Hi I am guessing you will have come across the following blog site,

    But I don’t know if you have seen these statements in one of the topics

    1. ‘The infrastructure was a CP5 deliverable, due by end March 19. Which it will be.’
    I presume this is talking about the infrastructure being provided such that trains would be able to run and the stations would be usable, but doesn’t necessarily mean a service will be running in the May 19 timetable change.
    Some posters in the same blog are indicating that a train service on the new infrastructure may well be delayed until late 2019.

    However, another poster has posted the following
    2. ‘Commissioning is in March. Late starts across the area is a giveaway.
    Edit. Not published in RTT yet, soon…’

    To me this indicates that trains are being timetabled in, in time for the May 2019 timetable change.

    I don’t know what you think.

    Also I don’t know what ‘late starts across the area area a giveaway’ mean.

    The above 2 posts can be found towards the end of the page on this link

    Comment by Colin Frith | January 15, 2019 | Reply

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