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Scrapping Of Airport Link ‘Lack Of Ambition’ At The Heart Of Government

The title of this post is the same as that of this article on Rail Technology Magazine.

This is one of those sagas that rumbles on and on, with all those involved in the decision having different views on how to solve the problem.

I suspect a very experienced transport engineer and planner from Aberdeen, Cardiff or Liverpool, could tell the Glaswegians what they really need on the back of a used envelope.

But there are so many politicians grinding axes in the decision, that nothing sensible will ever happen.

One of my Glaswegian friends told me some years ago, that they should close both Edinburgh and Glasgow Airports and build a new rail-connected airport between the two cities.

Look at these distances

  • London to Gatwick – 27 miles
  • London to Stansted – 38 miles
  • Edinburgh to Glasgow – 46 miles

Perhaps my friend has a point, as a shared airport would be closer to Edinburgh and Glasgow, than Gatwick and Stansted are to London.

But as someone, who has only ever used Glasgow Airport once, I think that Glasgow’s biggest rail problem is the two separate stations in the centre with no simple interchange.

I walk between the two,stations, but not everybody can.


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