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Daisy Hill Station To Go Step-Free

This document on the Government web site is entitled Access for All: 73 Stations Set To Benefit From Additional Funding.

Daisy Hill station is on the list.

These pictures show the station.

This Google Map shows the station.

Whilst I was at Daisy Hill, I spoke to a couple who used the station regularly, who told me the following.

  • The station needed step-free access.
  • The station had been recently decorated and that the platforms were being extended.
  • The local kids would get in and muck about in the lift.
  • There is a lot of new housing to be built locally.

My own observations are.

  • The steps are long, but swell-hand-railed.
  • The station is in generally good condition.
  • The Google Map shows that platforms have been longer in the past.

Surprisingly, the couple hadn’t heard that the station is to be made step-free.

Installing Step-Free Access

From the pictures, that I took, it looks like a single lift could be placed between the street and platform levels.

It would probably be tucked into the angle of the building.

This arrangement is not the most difficult of designs and lifts have been incorporated into stations like this, many times.


This station will be greatly improved by a single lift.

As to the fact, that the couple I spoke to, hadn’t heard of the step-free access, I’ve heard this at other stations on the list.

Network Rail need to sort their publicity.


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