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Ilford Station – 2nd July 2019

Work is underway at Ilford station to rebuild the main station entrance and create a modern glass-fronted station.

This page on the Crossrail web site, which is entitled Ilford Station, lists these features.

  • A new spacious, modern and bright station building on Cranbrook Road
  • A new waiting room and benches on platforms
  • Improved customer information, lighting and wayfinding signage
  • Newly painted walls and tiled floor and ceiling
  • Two new ticket machines, four new ticket gates and a wide aisle gate
  • A new waiting room and benches on platforms.

This image is also shown.

I took these pictures of the station today.

This Google Map shows the station.

Note the disused Platform 5 in the pictures and at the Northern side of the station in the map, for which I can’t find any future plans.

  • Perhaps it could be made into an operationally-useful bay platform? After all, it appears to be full length.
  • Could it be filled in to create a wide platform with a waiting room and a coffee kiosk?
  • Could it be used for bicycle parking?

I would wait until Crossrail is fully-open and see what is most needed.

Note too, the last picture with the footbridge over the station to the York Road entrance on the right. This picture shows the York Road entrance.

It was a shrewd move to build this second entrance, as it can function as the station entrance, whilst the main entrance on Cranbrook Road is rebuilt.

There would also appear to be plans to put a third entrance on the Southern side of the footbridge, which connects to Ilford Hill.

In my view, a station can never have too many entrances.


Will a new station attract more passengers to use Crossrail?

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