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The One Station I Never Use Coming Home Is Highbury & Islington

I am typing this post in Highbury & Islington station as my Overground train, skipped all stations North of Whitechapel, diue to congestion.

I always avoid this station, as getting between my house and the station is difficult as there is only one crowded 30 bus, every fifteen minutes. There used to be twice as many buses, as the 277 bus used to serve the route as well. But nearly a year ago, it was cut back to Dalston Junction making it as useful for me, as a chocolate tea pot.

So now after a ten minute wait, I’m taking the two stops back to Dalston Junction to get a bus home. That is only three routes now, due to the cutback of the 277.

I find it interesting, that North East London appears to have got more bus cuts, than Sadiq Khan’s patch of South London. And it was all to pay the bribe of the fare freeze, that got him elected.

So in the next Mayoral election, I shall be voting more a Mayor, who lives in the North.

We certainly, did better under Boris, who lived a mile towards the City of London.


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  1. The station in general is an absolute nightmare. It has to be one of the busiest 8 platform stations in the country for interchange and its handled with 2 escalators. If they ever end up upgrading the Moorgate line there’s going to be serious crowding problems underground.

    Comment by angelmoon117 | November 25, 2019 | Reply

    • You have to remember that in 1944 the station was hit by a V1 Flying Bomb, that killed 26 and injured 150. So think of it as about the same size as the recent Manchester bombing. The station was in a sorry state and demolished for the Victoria Line in 1960, which was built on the cheap. Harold Wilson was Prime Minister at the time and believed that railways were of the past and everybody would have their own car. He also cancelled the Channel Tunnel, London’s new Maplin Airport and a major rail project to sort out Manchester’s problems. But he did nationalise a lot of companies including the aerospace industry. Does all that getting the priority wrong have echoes today?

      There are plans to improve the station, which include.

      1. Increasing the frequency on the Great Northern Line, which will create a high-capacity link to Crossrail. Hopefully, many will do a cross-platform interchange with Dear Old Vicky.

      2. Improvements under way at Moorgate, will give step-free access to the Northern, Metropolitan, Circle, Hammersmith & City and Central Lines, Crossrail and Liverpool Street station.

      3. Building a new entrance on the other side of the road in the closed entrance.
      4. Improvements at Finsbury Park could improve access to lots of places.

      5. Increased frequency on both the North and East London Line.

      6. Crossrail should mean that a lot of travellers from the Southern parts of the East London Line, going to the West End would change at Witechapel, rather than at Highbury & Islington.

      But more could be done.

      1. Rebuild Old Street, Essex Road and Drayton Park, as step-free stations, which could help to take a bit of pressure off the station.

      Comment by AnonW | November 25, 2019 | Reply

  2. Loads of bus routes have been chopped or re-routed recently. London’s buses have always been seen as the life blood of the city but they have been messed about.

    Comment by mauricegreed | November 25, 2019 | Reply

  3. I always like to draw attention to my idea for the Great Northern Line – Yes, i know capacity is constrained at Moorgate to 10/12 trains per hour, Yes, I know extending the line south from Moorgate would take a minor engineering miracle… but if the GN Line could be ‘metro-dised’ with up to 24 tph, it would go a great way to relieving the parallel corridor (mostly aong the Piccadilly line route) CR2 planners are eyeing up with the ‘extension to Wood Green/New Southgate … Therefore I propose a branch from Essex Road tunnelling to a new stop at Mount Pleasant (Circle/Met connections), then to Chancery Lane (Central) then to Aldwych (giving a massive relief to Covent Garden) and under the river to connect to Waterloo for inner suburban journeys onward. Creating a core between Ally Pally and Essex Road, with 12 tph, peak, on the two routes north.

    How am I paying for this? By dropping CR2 in its current format…. I am sure AW you do not want another decade of a building site at Dalston, and for the life of me I do not understand why CR2 planners want to connect there, a far better route, and for much greater economic benefit to the locale, would be to take CR2 to a combined Hackney underground station, and then hence north by tunnel to Tottenham Hale, with a branch to Stratford, in the northern part of the Olympic park, with connection to depot at Orient Way (depot/stabling facilities being another driver to reach New Southgate)

    Comment by PJS | November 26, 2019 | Reply

    • I have been thinking about how to develop this route for some time. There is one development that wil lhappen and that is the installation of ERTMS signalling on the East Coast Main Line to the South of Doncaster. The Hertford Loop is being sorted at Stevenage and I believe that the capacity of the Loop will be increased.

      1. It is getting ERTMS signalling.

      2. Extra bay platforms might be provided.

      I can see the ECML between Welwyn Garden City and Stevenage becoming a 140 mph double-track railway, with slow lines for part of the route North of the Digswell viaduct.

      Cambridge and Kings Lynn trains would be 140 mph trains and the only slow train going the main line route would be ones that stopped at Welwyn North.

      By doing things like this I think that at least 20, if not more tphcould be handled at the Northern end.

      At Moorgate think about Dear Old Vicky!

      She handles 36 ton and who ‘s to say that signalling and train improvements, won’t lift this figure to 40 tph.

      If Vicky can do it, then so can the Great Northen!

      Moorgate station is getting a capacity increase, with lifts, new entrances and more passages.

      The Class 707 trains are new and can be fitted with ATO much like Vicky’s.

      Drivers can step up to reduce. turnaround times.

      I suspect 24 tph is possible with no more infrastructure needed.

      Although, I doubt there are enough trains.

      Comment by AnonW | November 26, 2019 | Reply

  4. Surely the fares freeze favours North London as fewer TFL tube and rail services run south of the river?

    Comment by JohnC | November 26, 2019 | Reply

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