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If You’re Gonna Go, You Better Go Now!

Suppose, you ran a public company or perhaps a hospital and you made a very big strategic mistake, you would probably resign.

The classic case is the career of Gerald Ratner, summed up in Wikipedia like this.

Gerald Irving Ratner is a British businessman and motivational speaker. He was formerly chief executive of the major British jewellery company Ratners Group (now the Signet Group). He achieved notoriety after making a speech in which he jokingly denigrated two of the company’s products. He currently speaks around the world at corporate and promotional events.

So wouldn’t you think after his disastrous policies and performance in the 2019 General Election, Jeremy Corbyn should have resigned?

After all in recent times, we have seen these political resignations after performing badly in General Elections or a Referendum.

  • David Cameron resigned after the EU Membership Referendum in 2016, went badly wrong.
  • Jo Swinson resigned immediately after losing her seat in Parliament last week.
  • Michael Foot resigned days after his heavy defeat in the 1983 General Election.
  • John Major resigned soon after his heavy defeat in the 1997 General Election.

But you have to remember that Corbyn is a Marxist and Marxists (and Fascists for that matter) hang on until they are forced out, die of natural causes or die of something much worse.

Take your favourite Marxist or Fascist dictator and answer these questions.

  • Did they ever moderate their views?
  • Did they ever resign gracefully?
  • Did they ever accept advice from elder statesmen with experience?
  • Do they ever listen to people with opposing views?
  • Did their country prosper, whilst they were in charge?

Most usually score straight Nos to all these questions.

Incidentally, I have never heard so many adverse comments about a party leader , who has just lost an election from his fellow MPs, as I have heard and read about Corbyn in the last couple of days.

As an example, the long serving Margaret Hodge said this.

Corbyn talking about a period of ‘reflection’.

I’ve reflected. You failed. Please stand down.

That’s pretty direct.

This saga is better than any soap opera.

Will the new leader support the The People’s Front for Judea?



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  1. He kept saying “LET ME FINISH” so now’s the time. It also shows what a mistake it was for all but Boris to be interviewed by Andrew Neil. They will all say no next time.

    Comment by John | December 14, 2019 | Reply

    • Let’s hope we never see an election with such big bribes. But they worked for Sadiq Khan with his fare freeze and I suppose it won’t work again for him.

      Comment by AnonW | December 14, 2019 | Reply

  2. I fail to see how Corbyn is more radical than Johnson. I really appreciate your blog with its great insights into energy and transport issues. But all these snide political remarks are a put-off.

    Comment by Andy | December 14, 2019 | Reply

    • And look at the mess David Cameron left because he didn’t get his way on something which was more about putting party before country and with no plans in place or details about how a Leave vote would affect the economy!

      Jeremy Corbyn is obviously too honest and decent for today’s politics and at least he doesn’t hide in fridges….

      If those northerners who voted Conservative for the first time find their grandchildren on hospital floors then as the old saying goes “ once a Tory always a Tory,” at least some who couldn’t support Labour abstained because they were ex- miners and knew what Conservatives were like !

      Comment by Melvyn | December 14, 2019 | Reply

      • He may be honest, but his policies are not what the people of this country want. The last time, they had a left-wing choice with Michael Foot, they rejected that too!

        If the Labour Party doesn’t move back to the centre and embrace more Blairite policies, it will never regain power!

        Comment by AnonW | December 15, 2019

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