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Oakervee Review – Calvert Station

The Oakervee Review says this on Page 53, about a new station at Calvert in Buckinghamshire.

The Review also heard evidence from a number of informed stakeholders suggesting there should be a new station near Calvert, where HS2 would cross East-West Rail proposals to improve connectivity along the OxfordCambridge corridor. Previously, due to the impact on speed, no interim station had been planned between London and Birmingham Interchange.

The Review concluded that the DfT should consider making passive provision for a future HS2 station near to Calvert. If it is decided that a HS2 station should be built near to Calvert, passive provision will help prevent any disruption to HS2 services. There could be merit in developing an HS2 station in the future here if local plans support a significant residential and commercial development in this region, and if there is passenger demand to justify the cost of developing a station here. Without this coordinated planning, the experience of HS1 stations risks being repeated. The Review notes that the cost of developing a future station near Calvert could be shared with others including potentially the East West Rail Company.

I must admit, that I like the concept of a new station at Calvert.

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  1. Given how East-West Rail was designed with interchange stations where it crossed existing mainlines one would thought that a station where it crossed the proposed HS2 would have at least been suggested.

    However, High Speed 2 was originally sold as a high speed railway and given the experience of France where remote TGV stations were built to placate locals but have no traffic the HS2 Ltd. decided that there would be no stations between OOC and Birmingham. Putting speed above all else .

    This exclusion of a Station in The Chilterns at Calvert simply allowed opposition to HS2 to grow given the “ we won’t benefit “ arguments fuel and prevented those who would have benefited from a local station from campaign for a Station to form .

    The Oakervee Report which I suggest could have been Boris Johnson using his experience as Mayor of London to re-assess HS2 and suggestions like this Station and the separation of Euston Station into a separate delivery body given the complex situation of rebuilding Euston Station could show benefits of the delay in green light but which still allowed ongoing work to continue. Sometimes a pause for thought can provide huge benefits long term !

    Comment by Melvyn | February 13, 2020 | Reply

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