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Lockdown And INR Testing

I am on Warfarin and have to be tested regularly for my INR.

I have been doing it for at least seven years now and know that if I test twice a week and take four milligrams of the drug my INR stays well within limits.

This is a testing regime, which fits well with the COVID-19 lockdown, that I’m currently enforcing on myself!

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  1. Much better than the palaver that my dad had; a nurse came to the house to take his blood, once a fortnight I think but may be wrong, and then he had to phone up for the results. My mother was convinced that because they had tested “something must be wrong”, she never ever got used to the concept of regular tests, even when I was a child. The lace she phoned were fed up with her, because she started phoning every few minutes from around 15 minutes after the nurse left. He could never have had a meter himself, because my mother would have been nagging him to re-check each test, 4 or 5 times.

    At present I am on low dose aspirin but I did ask that if I needed warfarin I could do home tests, and they said yes, but aspirin was fine for now. I have a diabetic blood meter and that works well to keep my blood glucose level and stable. However the NHS says that you shouldn’t test unless you are on insulin, which I am not. So they won’t allow to have test trips on prescription, and I have to buy my own, costing about £50.00 per month. I can afford that, but what about the folk who can’t.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | April 3, 2020 | Reply

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