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Battery Storage Trialled To Provide Upward And Downward Flexibility To UK’s National Grid

|The title of this post, if the same as that of this article on Energy Storage News

This is the introductory paragraph.

Battery software company Arenko has teamed up with the Electricity System Operator (ESO) arm of National Grid in the UK to provide upward and downward reserve flexibility in a “first of its kind trial”.

So what do Arenko actually do?

This is the home page of their web site.

It has this title across the page.

Automation Technology For Batteries


Beneath it is a mission statement.

Our vision is to be the preferred software platform to unlock value for batteries worldwide.

Finally you get this explanation.

Arenko is a world leading battery software and controls platform building a differentiated position in the multi-billion dollar battery controls and automation market.

Batteries are software defined assets which are only as valuable as what controls them.

Arenko’s enabling software platform uses our proprietary and proven automation technology for batteries to asset owners, utilities and battery system integrators unlocking and capturing substantially higher returns and protect your battery assets.

Arenko’s automation technology connects and optimises both the battery’s technical and commercial performance using AI, enhanced analytics and deep learning algorithms.

I would think, this could be my kind of company.

  • Software-based
  • Ambitious
  • All about control engineering.
  • I suspect they constantly simulate what is happening to batteries and the electricity network.

If they get it right, they could go a long way.


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