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What Has Gone Wrong In Kent?

The population of the county is 1.855 million, as opposed to Greater Manchester’s 2.822. So its population is about two-thirds of that of Greater Manchester.

Over the last few days Kent has had around 500-700 new cases of the covids per day as opposed to about 150 per day in Greater Manchester. Liverpool is less than 100.

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  1. One could ask where have all the migrants gone that have arrived on the Kent beaches, 8000+ according to the BBC. Are they the carriers, as they have slipped unseen throughout Europe. The government does not want to talk about it either.

    Comment by jagracer | November 29, 2020 | Reply

  2. Someone has told me, it’s all in the areas with big support for Farage! And they don’t follow rules!

    Comment by AnonW | November 29, 2020 | Reply

  3. Having spent a decent amount of time in Thanet I would imagine that anonw’s theory is more likely than jagracer’s.

    Comment by Brian Armitage | November 30, 2020 | Reply

  4. I dont believe it is down to the immigrants either. Kent had had low levels, people were to a large extent doing normal things. In North Kent, and Medway Towns, many many people commute into London daily, on the train or on coaches. Mixing in close contact with other people. And their families will be mixing with other people and their children will be in school. And I suspect that many people are not following the rules as well as they could do. Here in Stockport, the numbers are dropping rapidly. The Tier 3 and lockdown has had a very definite impact. Our daughter who lives in the city says that there are a lot of people still not following the rules, She and her partner are working from home, and go out for exercise and to shop. Bearing in mind for them exercise is a run of at least 10 miles – they aren’t doing as much right now because you can’t socially distance when you pass another runner.

    On Thursday when this lockdown ends I suspect that many people will rush out Christmas shopping, and socialising. They will in many cases meet more than 6 over the course of a day, and many more over a week.

    Kent figures have gone up drastically; and are higher than ours here at present. On a family zoom yesterday we decided that we will not gather here for Christmas, too much risk. We none of us like it but we all of us agree. We will zoom.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | November 30, 2020 | Reply

  5. Doing mail sort and came across this one.

    I was troubled at the time about Kent numbers as it stood out yet govt say they didn’t realise or were told til 18/12 about new variant. Surely those responsible for oversight of the virus (Public Health England?) and how it should be managed were not asking themselves the question whats going on here? Im a simple electrical engineer but when i use to do testing the trend was your friend or foe – look out for deviations was my managers advice when sitting looking through paper traces so we know where to go looking for the problem.

    Comment by Nicholas Lewis | January 6, 2021 | Reply

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