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The Jabbers Hit The Jabpot!

It has been announced that yesterday a total of 609,050 does of the vaccine were administered.

It is an incredible figure, made up of 598389 first and 10661 second jabs.

It really was a Super Jabba Saturday, with one report on the BBC, saying that in one vaccination centre in Newcastle, 2,000 people were vaccinated.

If the reported 1,400 vaccination centres around the UK, hit two thousand per day, that is 2.8 million jabs per day and we could vaccinate sixty million people twice in just 43 days. Probably, this is an unachievable time, as not all centres could handle 2000 jabs per day.

I think we’re in for a very statistically interesting few days, as the vaccinators find a level that is at equilibrium with the population and their determination to get vaccinated or not!

I feel, that vaccine supply permitting, the daily number for jabs will be around the psychologically important 500,000.


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  1. And another stat: little Seychelles is the country that has vaccinated the second-highest percentage of its population – 32.2%, just behind Israel at 34.1% (UK 12.57%). One source says that it has actually overtaken Israel.

    Guinea, by contrast, has vaccinated 25 people out of a population of 12.7 million.

    Stats from

    Comment by Stephen Spark | February 1, 2021 | Reply

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