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Tidying Up At Cheshunt Station – 4th August 2021

As I approached Cheshunt station, it looked like there had been some tidying up on the Western side of the line.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera handy, so I was unable to take any pictures.

But I did take these pictures later from the station.

It does seem that Network Rail are tidying up the inside of the bend.

The Internet offers no clue, as to what is happening, but it could be anything from improving the car park entrance, to installing a second bay platform at the station, so that more trains can be run to and from Liverpool Street.

But there is a clue here in West Anglia Route Improvement – Cheshunt Station – 26th February 2017, which from the date is four years old.

The Google Map in this post, shows the Southern end of Platform 2 to be a different shape, to the pictures I took today.

It looks like the platforms have been lengthened.

  • Originally, they could handle an eight-car Class 317 train, which are 160 metres long.
  • It looks like now, they can handle  a pair of  five-car Class 720 trains, which are 244 metres long.

This will allow pairs of five-car Class 720 trains to work Cambridge services.

Pairs of four-car Class 710 trains are only 166 metres long, so they don’t need any platform lengthening.

The Sunset Studios Effect

If I was right in The Location Of Sunset Studios In Broxbourne, that a station will be built on the London Overground between Turkey Street and Theobalds Grove to serve the studio complex, then this may require modifications at Cheshunt, if traffic increases substantially.

  • Cheshunt station will need to be step-free.
  • Cheshunt station will need better passenger facilities, like more ticket machines.
  • Cheshunt station may need more car parking.
  • The bay platform at Cheshunt station will need to be handle upwards of four trains per hour (tph), all of which will be pairs of four-car trains.

A large housing development is planned for just to the North of Cheshunt station and hopefully, the developer will sort a lot of these issues.


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  1. Cheshunt is my local station. I will try to keep an eye on what they are doing and post something if I find out The builders of the nearby housing development are contributing £250,000 under an S106 agreement for “public realm/accessibility at Cheshunt station” improvements so it may be something to do with that. They are also contributing £1.5m for a new bus service servicing Waltham Cross and Cheshunt stations. The new development adjacent to the station is providing about 1800 new flats so transport improvements will certainly be needed. The station entrance, which also serves the industrial units behind the car park, already gets pretty chaotic during the evening rush hour.

    A few comments on your observations:

    The platforms were lengthened some 10 years ago or thereabouts. I understood at the time this was to accommodate 12 car trains.

    The station is already step-free. The step-free access to platform 1 is to go out of the station and over the adjacent level crossing where the access is on the right. You will see this if you look at Google Street View. You will also see that nowhere is this step free access signposted!

    According to a recent Enfield Council Local Plan document ( they are planning to increase the TFL service from the bay platform to 4 tph.

    We do need more ticket machines. Two is most certainly not enough for those times when the ticket office is closed or very busy. Thank goodness they extended Oyster out to Hertford.

    Comment by HW | August 5, 2021 | Reply

  2. Thanks!

    A few years ago, there were rumours going around, that the Overground will be extended to Hertford East.

    With no money for Crossrail 2, I do wonder, if there are ideas circulating that would create an interim solution with perhaps six trains per hour into Liverpool Street for the Overground.

    But who knows with the current Mayor? He favours projects that have a South London bias, as that’s from where he’s from.

    But certainly Sunset Studios will need a station, as otherwise the M25 will get solid every day!

    Comment by AnonW | August 5, 2021 | Reply

  3. Seven months on I can report that after the bit of tidying up….nothing!

    Comment by HW | March 1, 2022 | Reply

  4. the picture of the hydrogen aventra actually is the the same as the class 701 SWR have ordered for the Windsor Branch

    Comment by Dianne | May 10, 2022 | Reply

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