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Prioritising Patients

Homerton hospital is hoping to remove my gallstones on Thursday by endoscopy, so it’s just a fairly small procedure.

I do wonder if there is a shortage of nurses, doctors and other staff at the hospital caused by either the Covids or the fuel crisis, if some operations will be cancelled.

At no time, in the diagnostic process was I asked if I was in pain. Which I am not!

Surely, in the Age of Covid-19, where there is great uncertainty about predicting hospital capacity just a few weeks in the future, I should have been asked a few questions, so that urgent cases could be given priority if necessary.

As they must have been there for a few months causing me no trouble, surely a few extra weeks won’t make much difference to me.

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  1. I know from friends who have had gall stones removed that the pain arrives suddenly and is very bad – the stones get stuck in the bile duct, and can become infected (not sure how that works, sounds off to me) but they then have to deal with the inflammation and pain, put you on a fat free diet for several months, and then remove them.

    Also if there are adhesions and inflammation from the stones in the bile duct, they will be much harder to remove.

    So you are getting a better job because they are diagnosed very early.

    I hope all goes well.


    Comment by nosnikrapzil | September 28, 2021 | Reply

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