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The FAA Has Begun To Recognize Electric Propulsion During Certification

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Simple Flying.

The article also has this sub title.

The FAA has set out its Part 33 certification requirements for MagniX’s electric propulsion units, providing high hopes for the future of electric aircraft

Reading the whole article , indicates that the FAA is taking electric aircraft seriously.

These are my random  thoughts on electric flying in the UK and Ireland.

  • The UK and Ireland could be one of the heaviest users of electric aircraft.
  • There will be electric routes between the UK and Ireland.
  • One of the first electric routes will be between London and New quay.
  • Smaller cities and towns will develop electric airfields.

Without doubt here in the UK and Ireland, where the two largest of many islands can fit within a five hundred mile circle, electric aviation will be seriously developed for island hopping, longer mainland flights and short flights to the Continent.

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  1. Liverpool o Dublin is ideal, both are directly east to west of each other.
    Also, Liverpool had the first helicopter service and hovercraft service.
    Falls in line.

    Short runway (with ski jumps?) airports can be near city centres. Ideal for city centres in port cities where artificial island can be built off the centres in rivers. Back to Liverpool. An artificial island can be built in the wide river estuary over the Mersey \rail tunnel, which could have a station cut in servicing the airport.

    All this renders HS2 unneeded. Instead of having a high-speed railway it may end up an very expensive freight line.

    Comment by John | October 1, 2021 | Reply

  2. Bristol-based Vertical Aerospace have just released a ‘white paper’, calling for the government to provide a ‘clear policy and regulatory framework’ for small short-trip eVTOL aircraft. They’re aiming for certification of their VA-X4 in 2024, with commercial services the following year. Well worth a read.

    Comment by Peter Robins | October 24, 2021 | Reply

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