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Need To Call Your Bank? Many Can Now Dial 159 For Safety

The title of this post is the same as that of this article on Money Saving Expert.

This is the first paragraph.

Consumers wanting to avoid financial fraud now have a secure and easy-to-remember phone number to contact their banks on in order to avoid painful scams. It could prove to be the safest way for many to contact their provider if they have suspicions and concerns about their accounts, or even if they’re struggling to find a customer services number.

I like this anti-fraud measure and just heard it from Martin Lewis, who founded Money Saving Expert on the radio.

Many years ago before mobile phones, my late wife had her handbag snatched. This would surely help in a situation like this, as you can at least get in touch with your bank from a phone.

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  1. Regarding the 159 announcement, it’s weird that each of the banks themselves do not loudly publicise the number but it is largely left to 3rd parties to highlight its existence.
    HSBC are not yet signed up and nowhere on Barclays website can I find mention of it. Likewise Halifax don’t mention it, yet the parent Lloyd’s Group website does cite it, as does Natwest.
    Where it is mentioned they only talk about it in terms of reporting scamming phone calls. Seems you should use the contact number on the back of your credit card if the card’s stolen. So remember to store the phone number elsewhere before someone steals your handbag or wallet.

    Comment by fammorris | October 6, 2021 | Reply

    • Worthwhile to take a photo of your cards and store securely online (blanking out signature and CVV number). Maybe on USB stick and printed as well at home. Or transcribe the key numbers and phone numbers into online document

      Comment by MilesT | October 6, 2021 | Reply

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