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Goodbye To My Gallstones

It is now some weeks since I said goodbye to my gallstones.

They were in my bile duct and were discovered by using an ultrasound probe on an endoscopy at Homerton Hospital. I didn’t even put on a hospital gown.

I had that endoscopy, as I did my two previous ones at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge to check for coeliac disease without a sedative, as Addenbrooke’s likes to be efficient and cutting out sedatives reduces the manpower required, cuts the need for recovery beds and allows patients to drive home.

After this endoscopy, I came home the way I arrived – on the bus!

I would say that a good endoscopy operator should be able to do the procedure without a sedative. Although in this case, the nurse holding the oxygen tubes up my nose, was stroking my beard to calm me down. Not that I needed it! But it was a nice action!

I had the removal of the gallstones with a sedative, but I only remember the anaesthetist saying something like “Lovely” as he threaded the camera and attachments down my throat.

They broke into my bile duct from the duodenum and then inserted a balloon, which was then inflated to flush the stones back into my duodenum.

I must have dropped off and I woke without any pain or even discomfort.

One complication for me, was that I am on Warfarin, but I dropped my INR to one before the operation, so that there wasn’t blood everywhere.

I have had some after effects.

Where Has My Constipation Gone?

Since I was about sixty, I have suffered from constipation and my GP has prescribed a laxative.

I felt it was a family trait as my father was also a sufferer.

But since the operation, I have only taken one pill, that may not have been necessary.

My Appetite Has Returned

I am certainly eating better and I have not put on any weight.


If you have gallstones and removal is suggested, go for it!

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  1. Thanks for this insight.. I am still dithering about gall bladder surgery. Good to read your description. Compared to me you are very brave or have a high threshold for discomfort .. I have had 4 endoscopies, the first was in Hong Kong without anaesthetic…never again! Re constipation, do you think your father had coeliac too?

    Comment by Elizabeth | November 24, 2021 | Reply

  2. My first endoscopy was done by a star at Addenbrooke’s. He convinced me that it would be best, as I could drive home. I never felt a thing and I drove home. A few years later he had a difficult case of two sisters, who would die of stomach cancer as their mother and aunt had, as they had a rogue gene. He convinced them to have their stomachs removed and six months later he appeared on the BBC with the sisters and explained what he had done. I hope it all worked out in the long term.

    My father was definitely coeliac and I can trace possible coeliac related problems back from him. My youngest son also was coeliac and he died of pancreatic cancer at 37. But he wouldn’t get diagnosed and lived on Subways, ciggies and cannabis.

    Comment by AnonW | November 24, 2021 | Reply

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