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I Had My Covid-19 Booster Jab Today

I had my second Covid-19 vaccination on April 19th.

Yesterday, I received a text message and an e-mail inviting me to book a booster jab.

I was able to book the jab for 9:45, this morning, when I had it in a local pharmacy.

There seemed to be a big difference in attitude this time. For the first two jabs, there was a positive almost happy atmosphere, but today it was much more subdued, with everybody waiting looking almost miserable.

Could it be, that everybody getting fed up with the covids?

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  1. I had mine last Saturday, and my flue jab at the same time. Pfizer because I had AZ previously.

    Appointment was at 9.20 and we arrived with a few minutes to spare. There a very long queue – 100+ outside the vaccination centre and round the corner and almost onto the A6. Neil asked one of the stewards how fast the queue was moving, because of my disability and the steward told us to park outside the centre and he would come back. With he did, and said that a doctor would come out to me. Which I was VERY pleased about because despite these people ALL being extremely clinically vulnerable, they were definitely not socially distancing and the vast majority were not wearing masks, and people were chatting to people a couple of feet away from them. The doctor came out and gave me the covi and asked if I wanted a flu jab, which I said yes to. The infection rate is phenomenal here in Greater Manchester. And even people who are clinically vulnerable aren’t taking sensible precautions.

    People seem fairly chatty in the queue, although I was being glowered at for being able to stay in the car. I personally am VERY fed up of the covids. I have just started to go out a little, but unless the numbers start to drop, I won’t be doing that much over the next few weeks.

    I hope the Pfizer hasn’t knocked you for 6 – it did me, but that is apparently a positive if you are seriously innumocompromised.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | October 22, 2021 | Reply

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