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The Flourish Station Is The Focus Of The South Wales Metro

On my visit, I walked for an hour in the Cardiff Bay area. Wikipedia says this.

Cardiff Bay is the area of water created by the Cardiff Barrage in south Cardiff, the capital of Wales. It is also the name commonly given to the surrounding areas of the city. According to Cardiff Council, the creation of Cardiff Bay is now widely regarded as one of the most successful regeneration projects in the United Kingdom.

These picture were taken as I walked.

I’m not exactly sure, where the new station at The Flourish will be placed.

This document on the KeolisAmey web site details their plans for the new Wales and Borders Franchise.

Look at this image that I clipped for the document.

And this Google Map of the area.

It looks like The Flourish station will go by the triangle of roads to the right of the Merchant Place building.

It will really bring the South Wales Metro to the heart of the action.

Battery Tram-Trains To The Flourish

The Cardiff Bay Line links to Cardiff Queen Street station and is only two kilometres long.

This distance should be well within the capabilities of a battery electric tram or train.

So will the Cardiff Bay Line be left totally without wires from Cardiff Queen Street station?

If it was, this would reduce costs and visual intrusion.

In Stadler Citylink Metro Vehicles, I estimated that if a tram-train had a 50 kWh battery, this would have a range of five miles, which would take the vehicle from Queen Street to The Flourish and back.

If necessary, the uphill line to Queen Street station could be electrified.

But there would certainly be no wires South of Cardiff Bay station.

The Proposed Service To The Flourish

Aberdare, Merthyr Tydfil and Treherbert will have a four tph service to Cardiff Queen Street station and a two tph service to The Flourish station.

This means there will be six tph between Cardiff Queen Street and The Flourish stations. Or a tram-train every ten minutes!

There will also be a new station at Loudon Square, between Cardiff Queen Street and Cardiff Bay stations.

From figures in the KeolisAmey document, if appears that Cardiff Queen Street to The Flourish will take four minutes.


This will certainly be a World Class station fit for the area it serves.




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