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Moonshot Is The Spanner In The Covid-19 Works The Country Needs

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on The Times.

This is the sub-title of the article.

Antivirals like molnupiravir are the third line in our long-term fight against coronavirus.

The article describes how scientists in Oxfordshire looked for an antiviral that could be Covid-19’s nemesis, which Tom Whipple called molecular kryptonite.

The American pharmaceutical[ molnupiravir has been the first antiviral to be licenced for Covid-19, but it is pricey.

But helped by the Diamond Light Source, it appears that, progress has been made in Oxfordshire.

Tom Whipple says this.

After 18 months of study they last week gained funding from the Wellcome Trust to narrow the options to one, in a project called Covid Moonshot.

And this.

The goal of Moonshot is a generic drug that is cheap, plentiful and, a stipulation of the project, off-patent from the beginning.

Has the Diamond Light Source has struck again?

The Diamond Light Source might have cost £ 400 million and needs a budget of £ 40 million a year to run, but it is certainly starting to pay back the investment.



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  1. The arrival of molnupiravir and the monoclonal antibody treatment, Ronapreve, is very encouraging for me, it means that I can go out a little bit more. I won’t this week, because the area will be full of school children who I gather are likely to spread the virus. Our levels here are very very high anyway. But when the schools go back I will be 2 weeks post 3rd jab, so should have at least some antibodies. I am very fed up covid.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | October 24, 2021 | Reply

  2. I’m very fed up with covid too and am getting to the point, where as I’m triple vaccinated, with an immune system that kills intruders like James Bond backed up by the SAS, that I’m going to chance it a bit more. I’m going to Edinburgh for the day to try out the new train service and treat myself to the sleeper coming home.

    Comment by AnonW | October 24, 2021 | Reply

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