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I Don’t Generally Take Pain Killers

I have taken pain killers rarely in my life, but only when I get serious pain.

But since the cataract operation, I have felt a bit of light pain in my left eye.

So I’ve resorted to taking three of these large pain-killers.

Usually, I dunk them in cup of tea.

I’ve always liked ginger and they have been my favourite biscuits since I was about six.

I also used to see a Jamaican nurse in a former GP practice for my B12 injections and she was fulsome in her praise for the spice and what it can do.

Dr. Google also finds evidence that they help.

However, who cares, so long as I think they work.

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  1. If it works, then do it. I do take pain killers, rather strong ones, and the pain management clinic I went to told me to eat a very small amount of dark very chocolate with each dose as it has a positive effect on endorphin production. I started out with 70% cocoa content, and soon got to rather like it. Liked it too much. So I switched up to 85% cocoa content – currently I am having Green and Blacks, and yes, I have come to like this. I did try Montezuma 100% and did quite like that – but I started getting migraines again after nearly 30 years. So I stopped eating that and the migraines stopped. I am guessing it was the caffeine content, I have decaf tea, coffee and coke. Although I don’t remember when I last had had coke.

    I have some rather nice gf ginger biscuits in my cupboard, I will give it a try.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | December 30, 2021 | Reply

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