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Offshore Wind Extension Projects 2017

Surely this is old news from five years ago.

This page on the Crown Estate web site, starts with this statement.

Extensions to operational wind farms have proven to be a successful way of efficiently developing more offshore generating capacity.

I can accept that as a sensible policy.

In Wikipedia’s list of UK offshore wind farms, there are three farms; Beatrice Extension, Burbo Bank Extension and Walney Extension with Extension in their name, producing 1.5 GW of electricity.

The page then explains what the Crown Estate did in 2017 and what has happened since.

In February 2017 The Crown Estate launched an opportunity for existing wind farms to apply for project extensions. This opportunity closed in May 2018, with eight project applications received, all of which met our specified application criteria.

Since then, The Crown Estate has undertaken a plan level Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA), to assess the possible impact of the proposed windfarm extensions on relevant nature conservation sites of European importance. Throughout the assessment process, The Crown Estate was supported by expert independent advisors, and consulted with the statutory marine planning authorities, the statutory nature conservation bodies and a number of non-governmental stakeholders.

In August 2019, The Crown Estate announced the conclusion of the HRA, confirming that seven of the 2017 extension application projects, representing a total generating capacity of 2.85GW, would progress to the award of development rights.


  1. They did a lot of consulting.
  2. Seven projects, which total 2.85 GW or about 400 MW per extension have received development rights.

The projects are.


  1. Where I have a figure, it’s on the right.
  2. They already seem to have exceeded the Crown Estate’s figure.
  3. But then if they go large or accelerate the project, the developers will make more money. The upside of that is we get more electricity earlier.

These seven Extension projects are being accelerated by the Government in the 2022 Growth Plan.


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  1. […] I first talked about extension projects in Offshore Wind Extension Projects 2017. […]

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  2. The other thing that needs to be looked into is repowering. As we were first mover in offshore we have installed lots of low powered turbines compared to what is available now so must be worthwhile looking into upgrades of existing sites at the same time as extending them

    Comment by Nicholas Lewis | October 8, 2022 | Reply

  3. As I suspect there is very sophisticated monitoring and modelling of the turbines, I suppose the companies know the best time to update.

    Comment by AnonW | October 8, 2022 | Reply

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