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Reading To Heathrow On The Lizzie Line

Last week, I took the Lizzie Line to Reading and came back with a diversion to Heathrow.

I took the train from Reading as far as Hayes and Harlington, where I crossed over the tracks on the footbridge to get the train to Heathrow.

There are two bridges at Hayes & Harlington station, as these pictures show.


  1. Only the Western bridge has lifts.
  2. The Western bridge will be at the very back of the train from Reading.
  3. It is a long walk from the front of the train to the lifts.

This map from Cartometro shows the tracks through Hayes and Harlington station.


  1. The Great Western fast lines, which are shown in black on the South side going through platforms 1 & 2.
  2. The Elizabeth Line and the Great Western slow lines, which are shown in black and purple on the North side going through platforms 3 & 4.
  3. The Reading and Heathrow branches are to the West.
  4. London Paddington is to the East.
  5. Elizabeth Line Trains from the Reading or Heathrow branches to Paddington use Platform 4.
  6. Elizabeth Line Trains from Paddington to the Reading or Heathrow branches use Platform 3.

It should also be noted that if you are travelling between Heathrow Airport and any of the Elizabeth Line stations between Hayes and Harlington and Reading stations, you have to cross from Platform 4 to Platform 3 at Hayes and Harlington station.

All passengers will be travelling in the same direction at Hayes and Harlington station.

I feel it is absolutely essential, if you are travelling between Reading and Heathrow Airport using the Elizabeth Line, that you travel in the last carriage of the train from both Heathrow Airport or Reading.

When travelling to Heathrow in Where Should You Travel On An Elizabeth Line Train?, I said these were the positions to travel on the train.

  • Heathrow Central – Eastern end
  • Heathrow Terminal 4 – Western end
  • Heathrow Terminal 5 – Eastern end

It looks like there could be some walking to do if you’re travelling between Reading and Heathrow Central or Heathrow Terminal 5.

I feel that Hayes and Harlington station could possibly have been better designed.

Would it have been better if Platforms 3 and 4 had been designed as an island platform, so that passengers going between the Reading and Heathrow branches would just walk across to the other side of the platform?

  • The tracks would have had to be realigned.
  • There would have been less lifts needed.
  • The Eastern bridge might not have been needed.

I suspect, it would have been the more expensive option.




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