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Hayes & Harlington Station – 15th September 2021

Hayes & Harlington station is the latest Crossrail station to be more or less completed.


  1. The station is a big improvement on what was there previously.
  2. The building with the green stripes down the front used to be the offices of Metier Management Systems, of which I was a founder.
  3. A big development is being built to the South of the station, which is shown in the first to pictures.

There are still a few things to do, but it’s almost a complete station.


It looks like Crossrail will run four trains per hour (tph) through the station all day.

Great Western Railway run two tph between Paddington and Didcot Parkway, that stop at the station.

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Network Rail Awards Final West London Station Upgrade Contracts For Crossrail Project

The title of this post is the same as that of this article on Rail Professional.

The stations are Acton Main Line, Ealing Broadway, West Ealing, Southall, Hayes & Harlington and West Drayton.

New buildings and step-free access is planned to be completed by December 2020.


About time!

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Hayes & Harlington Station – 19th April 2019

These pictures show Hayes & Harlington station.

It will be an important station.

  • There is still a lot of work to do for the station to look like the picture on the hoarding.
  • There are a lot of residential development in the area, including the conversion of an old office block, where I once worked to flats.
  • It will be a step-free interchange for local passengers from the West to Heathrow.

The station and the new bay platform are already fully operational.

Crossrail To Reading In December 2019

As current rumours are that Crossrail will open in December to Reading, it looks like the station will be usable.

It is planned that Hayes & Harlington station will have a train every six minutes.

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A First Ride In A Nine-Car Class 345 Train

This morning, I had a first ride in a nine-car or full length Class 345 train.

I just took it between Paddington and Hayes & Harlington stations and back again.

The overall impression, is how much longer they seem, than the seven-car version currently working between Liverpool Street and Shenfield.

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A Low Key Launch Of New Electric Trains

This morning at 07:15, I was on the first Class 387 train out of Paddington for Hayes and Hsrlington.

It was a new train of eight coaches, complete with that smell that all new vehicles have for a few weeks.

At the moment GWR only have four Class 387 trains in service, which should be enough for a two trains per hour (tph) shuttle with eight coaches in each service.

But because the new bay platform for the Greenford Branch has not been completed yet at West Ealing station, there are only a few services a day.

This page on the GWR web site gives more details and says this about services in 2017.

From January, all Greenford trains will terminate at West Ealing; as we increase our electric service between Hayes & Harlington and London Paddington to every 30 minutes.

From May, these trains will start running to and from Maidenhead, as we replace our existing diesel fleet.

Does this mean that from  January 2017, the Greenford branch will be served by a four tph shuttle? Or will that be later?

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Is The New Bay Platform At West Ealing Opening On August 1st?

I heard a rumour that the new bay platform at West Ealing station was going to open on the first of August, but I have just found a change in the timetable, that could mean that it is true.

If you look at the on-line timetables, you will find the following.

At present the first two trains after 07:00 from Greenford to West Ealing, are the 07:16 and the 07:46, which go on to Paddington in twenty-six minutes.

From the first of August, they are the 07:13 and 07:43 which are shown as only going as far as West Ealing, where you change for Paddington and do the journey in twenty-eight minutes.

The strange thing is that these two trains are the only ones before nine, that require a change for Paddington.

The times of trains from Hayes and Harlington to Paddington appear to change on the first too!

There is also an additional electric service leaving for Hayes and Harlington at 07:18.

Could it be that electric services are starting on the first of August too?

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The Victorian Methods Worked

In Victorian Construction Methods, I noted how the Crossrail contractors, were throwing men and traditional methods into getting Hayes and Harlington station ready for the start of a Hayes Shuttle on the 16th of May.

These pictures, which I took today, would appear that they have made substantial progress.

Intriguingly, when I looked at the time-table a few days ago, I think it changed on the 16th of May. Now only one service has been moved backward by two minutes.

It would appear that perhaps Great Western Railway haven’t finalised the time-table yet. Perhaps they haven’t obtained the required trains yet!

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Victorian Construction Methods

Brunel would have recognised the philosophy behind all the construction going on to complete the platforms and trackwork at Hayes and Harlington station, possibly in time for the timetable change on May 16th.

As you can see the contractor is using as many bodies as they can!

I remarked on this to a guy with a clipboard and he smiled widely. He certainly looked like he was enjoying his day in the sun!

If the Great Western Railway cn beg, borrow or steal some electric trains for the sixteen of May, I don’t give up hope of seeing an electric shuttle between Paddingdon and Hayes and ~Harlington stations.

After all the Great Western Electrification needs a victory and the industrious orange army seemed to be doing their best! Let’s hope it’s not all in vain!

The Oracle is still giving the current timetable and hasn’t been changed yet!

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Work On The Platforms At Hayes And Harlington Station

I took these pictures of the extended Platforms 4 and 5 at Hayes and Harlington station on Wednesday.

Obviously, there would appear to be some work needed before the services to Hayes can start, as I wrote about in Hayes Shuttles To Start.

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Hayes And Harlington Station – 28th March 2016

It would appear to my untrained eye, that most of the overhead wires needed for Crossrail are now up and ready at Hayes and Harlington station.

This station was originally wired some years ago for Heathrow Express, but it looks to me, that some of it has been replaced.

In the April 2015 Edition of Modern Railways, there is an article, which is entitled Operators Vying For Class 387s. This is said.

GWR is anxious to receive units so it can begin driver training ahead of introducing an electric service between Paddington and Hayes & Harlington in May. However, Govia Thameslink Railway is seeking to retain the sets for a longer period due to delays in introducing new Class 700 EMUs into passenger service as a result of a number of issues.

So as it looks that in a couple of weeks or so, the bay platform 5 at Hayes and Harlington station will be ready to run an electric service to Paddington, you can understand why GWR are anxious. After all, at least one of the Class 387 trains destined for GWR has even got the right colour doors.

If a May start is envisaged for an electric service between Paddington and Hayes and Harlington, does that mean that the days of the direct Paddington to Greenford service is numbered. Work does seem to be progressing on the bay platform at West Ealing station.


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