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Germany Pinpoints 36.5 GW Of Offshore Wind Areas, Publishes Development Plan

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This is the sub-heading.

Germany’s Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) has published a new area development plan for the expansion of offshore wind energy. The plan maps out the build-out of offshore wind by 2030, by when the country is to reach 30 GW of capacity connected to its grid, and sets the stage for further deployment of wind turbines at sea, with the 2035 target of 40 GW estimated to be exceeded.

30 GW of offshore wind by 2030 and 40 GW by 2035 are ambitious targets, but how do we compare?

This news story on the UK Government web site is entitled UK Signs Agreement On Offshore Renewable Energy Cooperation, contains this statement.

The initiative is expected to support the UK’s ambitious targets to increase offshore wind fivefold to 50GW, and deliver 18GW of electricity interconnector capacity – up from 8.4 GW today – by 2030.

I don’t think we compare badly.

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  1. Umm can’t see the supply chain being able to support this although im sure teh Chinese will be happy to step in. The European windies are all losing money and looks liek Siemens Gamesa are about to take drastic action to stop the losses which is going to result in pretty hefty cost increases. Reality is if the human race wants to decarbonise its going to have to pay for it and probably that means for many giving up something else.

    Comment by Nicholas Lewis | January 26, 2023 | Reply

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