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So Many Floating Wind Designs, So Few Test Sites – Norwegian METCentre Sold Out

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There are currently more than 80 floating wind technology concepts and designs worldwide, and testing even a certain number of these could prove to be an endeavour since there are not many test sites dedicated to floating wind technology in Europe.

It strikes me that we need more test centres.

As UK waters will in the next couple of decades be home to a lot more GW of wind farms, perhaps we should develop a test centre.

I wonder, if South Wales would be the place for a test centre.

  • There is a lot of sea, which isn’t cluttered with oil and gas rigs, and wind farms.
  • There are a lot of wind farms planned in the area.
  • There are at least two good technology universities.
  • There are some deep water ports.
  • Electricity connections and power generation are good.
  • There is good train connections to the rest of England and Wales.
  • A train testing centre is being built at Nant Helen. Some tests needed to be done could be the same.

Some innovative designs for wind turbines are also being developed in South Wales.



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  1. Human Race faces existential crisis yet the urgency just isn’t there. Until it seen like WW2 and a must do attitude prevails you have to wonder whether politicians are serious. Water covers 60% of the earth we aint short of test sites!

    Comment by Nicholas Lewis | February 7, 2023 | Reply

  2. The rail site is going to be very comprehensive and some of the measurement skills for instance, that they and local partners develop may well have wider applications.

    Comment by AnonW | February 7, 2023 | Reply

  3. […] So Many Floating Wind Designs, So Few Test Sites – Norwegian METCentre Sold Out, I wrote about the shortage of test sites for wind […]

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