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GE Developing 18 MW Haliade-X Offshore Wind Turbine

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GE could soon join the list of wind turbine manufacturers who have passed the current 15 MW “threshold” by producing and/or announcing more powerful models. According to information recently shared with investors, the US-headquartered company is likely to climb up the offshore wind turbine output ladder, currently led by Chinese OEMs, with an up to 18 MW Haliade-X turbine.


  1. GE’s current largest turbine is a 14.7 MW example.
  2. GE  are supplying the 3.7 GW of turbines for the Dogger Bank wind farms.

It does look like GE intend to put the Chinese in their place.

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  1. CSSC Haizhuang Wind Power are in build for an 18MW unit for trial. So far Chinese kit doesnt appear to have been used in European waters so despite they have cyclone conditions to contend with doesn’t look like there is faith in them (yet). Seems bigger blades is the key enabler to increasing power currently rather trying to build any higher. Whatever nothing like a bit of creative tension between suppliers to keep moving outputs higher all to the benefit of human race.
    The otehr thing i wonder with UK as an early adopter we have many farms with much lower power units and we ought to be considering retrofitting now to help reduce density of towers as well as getting more power per area.

    Comment by Nicholas Lewis | March 14, 2023 | Reply

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