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On The Loose In North London: Flying Gazebo Causes Train Delays

The title of this post, is the same as that of this news item on Network Rail.

These paragraphs outline the story.

Residents are being urged to keep garden objects tied down and away from the railway after a flying gazebo caused 60 trains to be delayed or cancelled on Friday.

Passengers on London Overground trains running between Gospel Oak and Barking experienced disruption for around three hours. Freight trains were also affected.

The gazebo was reported to be blocking the line between Upper Holloway and Crouch Hill stations at around 0945 and trains had to be stopped while it was recovered by a Network Rail response unit.

In total, the incident caused 15 full train cancellations, 8 part cancellations and delays to 37 trains.

There is also this picture of the remains of the errant gazebo.

At least it appears, that the gazebo didn’t bring the wires down.


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GE Developing 18 MW Haliade-X Offshore Wind Turbine

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on

This is the sub-heading.

GE could soon join the list of wind turbine manufacturers who have passed the current 15 MW “threshold” by producing and/or announcing more powerful models. According to information recently shared with investors, the US-headquartered company is likely to climb up the offshore wind turbine output ladder, currently led by Chinese OEMs, with an up to 18 MW Haliade-X turbine.


  1. GE’s current largest turbine is a 14.7 MW example.
  2. GE  are supplying the 3.7 GW of turbines for the Dogger Bank wind farms.

It does look like GE intend to put the Chinese in their place.

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Scottish Hydrogen Fuel Tank – SHyFT

The title of this post, is the same as that of this page on the Innovatus Technologies web site.

This is the sub-heading.

Advanced Flexible Form Factor and Lightweight Multi-Chamber Type IV & V Hydrogen Storage Vessel

These paragraphs outline the product.

SHyFT is a unique Type IV or V composite high-pressure vessel unlike conventional large, heavyweight cylindrical vessels. The unique multi-chamber composite design, aided by patented composite technology and recyclable materials, allows for SHyFT to conform to any form factor specific to our customers needs.

SHyFT’s largest model boasts the worlds highest Gravimetric Storage Density of 10%, allowing 5.4 KG of hydrogen storage. This is a significant 10% increase on current market leaders in composite storage of gaseous substances.

The core composite technology drives a 25%+ weight and 20%+ cost reduction, whilst providing superior quality and technical performance for a more efficient and economical product. With SHyFT, various market applications such as commercial, personal and industrial transport, Marine and UAV, can be easily dominated creating a higher value proposition for our customers.

As with other companies in the past, like Pilkingtons, Rolls-Royce and Skeleton Technologies, who have developed a unique product, I suspect that the key is a special purpose machine that makes the tanks. I have two friends in Cambridge, who specialise in making unusual manufacturing machines and they are very busy.

I first came across this company as they are named in the Wikipedia entry for Project Fresson, which is a part-Scottish project to create a hydrogen-powered Islander aircraft.

Innovatus Technologies are building the composite hydrogen fuel tanks. Two, which are coloured green, appear to be mounted below the wings and there could be others inside the fuselage.

This company could solve one the major problems with hydrogen applications – How to cram in enough of the gas to make the application possible!


I predict a big future for this company, unless the Chinese or other idea-stealers ruin the market.


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Tiny Data Centre Used To Heat Public Swimming Pool

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on the BBC.

This is the sub-heading.

The heat generated by a washing-machine-sized data centre is being used to heat a Devon public swimming pool

These three paragraphs outline the story.

The computers inside the white box are surrounded by oil to capture the heat – enough to heat the pool to about 30C 60% of the time, saving Exmouth Leisure Centre thousands of pounds.

The data centre is provided to the council-run centre free of charge.

Start-up Deep Green charges clients to use its computing power for artificial intelligence and machine learning.


  1. Deep Green has a web site.
  2. thermify do something similar for homes.

I find both of these interesting applications.

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