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The Most Important Words In The Budget

Jeremy Hunt said it once and I didn’t believe it! But then he said.

Carbon Capture, Use And Storage


Politicians usually forget to mention use and never put it before storage.

Use is something positive, which creates something humanity needs, whereas storage is like putting plastic bags or lengths of string in a drawer, in case you need them.

Well done Jeremy!

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  1. From the snippets of the budget that I have heard, it seems comparatively ok, as against some of the awful ones of the past.

    My main concern is the lowering of adult – child ratios for children under 2. 5 small children to one adult is a lot. Close to where we live a little girl died as a result of chocking on mashed potato, which she was being fed by a staff member.

    The parents of the little girl set up a charity called Millie’s Trust, which provides first aid training – it has been going for quite a while now, and offers first aid training to various groups and on various areas of first aid – I know it is now offering mental health first aid.

    And they have introduced Millie’s Mark, and award for nurseries etc who have all their staff properly trained in first aid for babies and young children.

    Millie died because the member of staff hadn’t any idea what to do. With such a large adult to child ratio, I hope that many many more nurseries make sure that all their staff are trained in first aid as well as all the other skills that are needed.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | March 15, 2023 | Reply

    • I have a feeling that in some ways we’re too overprotective in some situations with children these days.

      I was at primary school in the 1950s in North London, when regularly the smog would come in at around lunch time and children would all be sent home early.

      So about three, everybody was divided into groups of six or so, who all needed to go to a particular area. Usually, a ten or eleven-year-old girl would be put in charge of each group and we’d walk home together dropping off children as we went.

      It should be remembered that of the few mothers that were at home, most didn’t have phones and very few could drive.

      But we didn’t have any incidents in the smog.

      We did lose one child at my junior school and one at the grammar school, who got killed in cycling accidents going to school.

      My own children were brought up unusually. Until they were about five and we could afford a mother’s help, as I was working at home, as I have since 1972, I often had the baby sitting on my desk, while C took the two elder boys to an unofficial playgroup, that had been pointed out to me, by Chad Varah.

      I wrote this about my meetings with the amazing man.

      Man of the Noughties

      Interestingly, a psychologist at Liverpool University, who helped me through the deaths of my wife and the youngest son, said that I grieved like a mother for him. But we were exceptionally close.

      Comment by AnonW | March 15, 2023 | Reply

      • Recently there have been a number of instances of babies being injured or dying in nurseries – not just the low charging ones in poor areas, but posh ones, fancy ones and expensive ones too. In most cases it was a member of staff who didnt have the knowledge to deal with the situation. When my children were little, they went to nursery – oldest t a nursery school just before she was three – no free nursery places then. Younger daughter went to a day nursery from being about 18 months, until she got a place in day nursery at 3 – that one was 3, and fantastic. I strongly believe in children having experiences in nursery, of interacting with other children at their age and stage, and with lots of adults. I am delighted that nursery provision will be available for children from 9 months paid for by government. But the adults need to be 100% capable to deal with anything that might happen. And I KNOW that in many places that isn’t the case.

        Comment by nosnikrapzil | March 16, 2023

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