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Connecting The Bakerloo Line Extension At Lewisham To The North Kent And Bexleyheath Line

This map from shows the lines in the area of Lewisham station.



  1. The multi-track line going North-West to South-East is the South Eastern Main Line .
  2. The double-track line going South-West to North-East is the Hayes Line.
  3. The double-track going East are the North Kent & Bexleyheath Lines
  4. I think it is quite likely that the overrun tunnels for the Bakerloo Line Extension will be under the Hayes Line.

The North Kent & Bexleyheath platforms are as follows.

  • Platform 3  is the Up platform
  • Platform 4 is the Down platform

Services running on the lines include.

  • Dartford to London via Platform 3
  • Slade Green to London via Platform 3
  • London to Dartford via Platform 4
  • London to Slade Green via Platform 4

In Connecting The Bakerloo Line Extension At Lewisham To The Hayes Line, I showed that it would be reasonably easy to connect the overrun tunnels for the Bakerloo Line to the Hayes Line.

So could the Bakerloo Line Extension be connected to the North Kent and Bexleyheath Lines?

If the Lewisham Underground station was deep under the current station, it might be possible to create a junction, which would enable the Underground trains to go in the direction of both the Hayes and Bexleyheath Lines.

But having been on a train between Lewisham and Bexleyheath stations, it would appear that there is little space for the Bakerloo Line to emerge from the ground and join the surface railway.

These pictures show the viaduct and other structures that support Platforms 1 and 2 at Lewisham station.

The pictures seem to confirm that linking to a line under Lewisham station would be extremely difficult and very expensive, and would require a long closure of the North Kent and Bexleyheath Lines through Lewsiham.

If this is the case, this must mean that the Hayes Line is the only place, where the Bakerloo Line can go.


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  1. What do you think about sending it, underground/subsurface, towards Greenwich Peninsula, New Charlton, Woolwich and Thamesmead (+possibly over to Creekmouth/Barking Riverside)? It would open up a huge amount of development areas along both sides of the river, and create far better cross-connections between East and South London. If the metropolitan line is extended in future, that would be better extended to Hayes/Bromley North.

    Comment by LR | October 9, 2018 | Reply

    • I’m not sure at the moment and I’m on a sleeper going North to Edinburgh. I’ll reply fully when I get back to London at the weekend.

      Comment by AnonW | October 9, 2018 | Reply

  2. I am a member of the new cross gate action group fighting a development proposal by Sainsburys with Mount Anvil for high density, high rise accommodation and a new store on the site which is proposed for the Bakerloo extension to reach New Cross Gare station. We think the Bakerloo Line may not be extended if this development is agreed. I am writing to you to find out if you know of community , commuter or residents groups along the Hayes Line which you suggest is the most viable route and in Bexley who might wish to object to this obstacle to the Bakerloo Line being extended as TFL have
    You can find us as a group on Facebook.

    Comment by Sallly Panter | September 11, 2019 | Reply

    • I suspect that the planners will probably decide the high-rise etc and the extension will both be built.

      I had a long chat on a train with a developer, who said that the profits, cash flow and customer satisfaction are so much better when you build a development on top of a station. You also don’t have to provide as much expensive and space-wasting car parking, as many people these days are giving up cars, as I have. I live in Hackney and was stopped from driving after a stroke ruined my eyesight. I don’t miss cars one bit, as the money saved means I can use taxis and First Class rail if I feel fragile.

      I take it you’ve seen that the government has given TfL funds to run two extra trains per hour (tph) between Whitechapel and Crystal Palace via New Cross Gate, so this will increase capacity to Whitechapel and Crossrail by 25%.

      In the future, they plan to add another two tph to West Croydon.

      There will also be another big increase of capacity through New Cross Gate and along the Hayes Line, when South Eastern replace the elderly trains, probably with British-built Aventras, as can be seen on Crossrail and the Goblin.

      This could improve the capacity enough at New Cross Gate, to hold the fort until the Bakerkoo Line is extended. But new surface trains would add the capacity much sooner! And TfL won’t be paying for it, except for a few new trains for the North London Line, so the current trains can be put on thev East London Line.

      I think this could be a cunning plan.

      P.S. I don’t do Facebook!

      Comment by AnonW | September 11, 2019 | Reply

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