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Riding The 112 Bus Between Brent Cross And North Finchley Bus Station

To continue on the route of the Superloop, I needed to get to North Finchley bus station, so I took a 112 bus from Brent Cross to North Finchley. I took these pictures.


  1. The bus was only a single-decker.
  2. The route was along the North Circular Road and then North on the A1000.
  3. The North Circular Road was grade separated but quite congested.
  4. The North Circular Road has a 40 mph speed limit.
  5. Strangely, we didn’t pass a train, Underground or Overground station.
  6. Both Brent Cross and North Finchley bus interchanges have reasonable amounts of space.

The journey took about 20 minutes.

I have one thought.

Creating A Route Between Harrow And North Finchley Bus Stations

This would not appear to be difficult.

  • Between Harrow bus station and Brent Cross, the route would be a simplified version of the 182 route, that I wrote about in Riding The 182 Bus Between Harrow Bus Station And Brent Cross. A more direct route would be taken between Wembley stadium and Brent Cross.
  • The bus would just pop in to the large bus interchange at Brent Cross and then go straight back onto the North Circular Road.
  • The North Circular Road is two lanes both way.
  • The A1000 from the North Circular Road to North Finchley didn’t seem too crowded.

I suspect little work will need to be done to allow Superloop to run successfully between Harrow And North Finchley bus stations.

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