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Gazelle Wind Power Unveils Third Generation Floating Offshore Wind Platform Technology

The title of this post, is the same as that, of this press release from Gazelle Wind Power.

There is a visualisation in the press release and it looks very different.

This is the first paragraph.

Gazelle Wind Power (Gazelle), the developer of a modular floating offshore wind platform, is unveiling third generation technology this week at WindEurope 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company’s enhanced design further refines Gazelle’s solution to address the primary challenges facing the offshore wind industry—such as cost, supply chain bottlenecks, and sustainability—by providing a lightweight, cheaper design that minimizes the impact on fragile marine environments while using existing port infrastructure.

It looks like they’ve set themselves a tough set of objectives.

These are a few points from the press release.

  • A one-gigawatt offshore wind farm using Gazelle’s solution would save 71 kt of steel and reduce emissions of approximately 100 kt of carbon dioxide.
  • The company’s platform can be quickly and simply installed at project sites because it requires no specialist cranes or vessels.
  • The platform’s unique geometry provides reduced draft in port, which means it floats higher in the water enabling the use of shallow ports.
  • Through industrial innovation, the platform components can be adjusted to accommodate all forecasted offshore wind turbine sizes, including the current 15MW or greater capacities.
  • Our platform can be produced anywhere in the world, supporting job creation through regionalized manufacturing.

When I look back on how offshore oil and gas platforms changed in the North Sea over a couple of decades, I’m not surprised to see this innovative design.

I wish the company the best of luck. But I don’t think they’ll need it!

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