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Coeliac Journey Through Covid-19 – Did I Have A Close Brush With Covid-19?

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Did I Have A Close Brush With Covid-19?

In January 2020, I went between Liverpool and Sheffield on a ramshackle train formed of several one-car trains.

At Manchester Piccadilly station, the train filled up with a large number of Chinese students, who’d recently arrived at Manchester Airport and were returning to university at Sheffield and possibly other universities in the East Midlands.

The students were happy and laughing, but no-one would have complained about them, as everybody would probably have reacted in the same way, after just arriving in a strange country at their age.

But there must have been twenty taking most of the available seats in my carriage. I shared a table with three!

At the time, Covid-19 had hardly started to invade the UK, with most cases starting in March.

But, after hearing someone’s story on the radio yesterday, I wonder about the health of those students.

I certainly, didn’t catch Covid-19 seriously after that train journey and haven’t had the virus since to my knowledge. But thinking back I may have felt slightly unwell with a possible temperature the next day.

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