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August Birthdays

With Samantha Cameron having given birth in August, there has been a lot of talk recently about the disadvantage of August birthdays.

But it wasn’t always so!

Both my late wife and myself would have considered ourselves successful; she as a barrister and racehorse breeder and myself as a computer programmer, who helped create a multi-million pound company. We were both born in August many years ago.

Our most successful son of three is at the peak of his profession in London, despite leaving school with no qualifications at all. And he too was born in August.

So why this stigma against August births?  Perhaps Leos and early-Virgos have a drive lacked by others, born in colder months.

I should say that some years ago I analysed all the birth weights for a year in an English county to see if we could find any patterns that might point to why some children were born with a low weight. One of the findings was that twins were more numerous eight or nine months after Christmas. Unfortunately, the data wasn’t good enough to know if the twins were identical or fraternal.

So I do wonder if some August children, having been conceived perhaps after a party, just want to get on with life and don’t succeed.

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