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Any Americans Living In Stoke-on-Trent Can Vote For A Real Loony

I hsve just read this page on The Official Monster Raving Looney Web Site, which is entitled The Incredible Flying Brick will save Stoke.

As Screaming Lord Sutch used to say “Vote Loony! You know it makes sense!”

I first came across him in the 1966 General Election, where he stood in the Huyton consituency, which was where I was living at the time.

I remember him appearing on the radio in the 1990s and going through the original manifesto from one of his first elections.

Strangely several of his proposals had been put into law, like lowering the voting age to 18.

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Surely The Labour Party Can Do Better Than This!


Just voted in the Hackney Mayor election.

What is the Labour Party’s logo? It doesn’t reproduce well in black and white on a ballot paper.

It looked like a cartoon version of Mr. Punch.

There was no difficulty with the others, especially the One Love Party, who had a heart!

Incidentally, the candidate for the One Love Party was French and their web site was a .eu one!

She’d probably have got nul votes in some parts of the UK.

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Was The London Mayoral Election A Low Turnout?

When I voted for the Mayor in 2012, I seem to remember that the Polling Station was much more busy.

The BBC has said tonight, that that is their information.

But what do you expect with such a lacklustre collection of candidates?

At previous elections, thee has been party activists outside, but today the street was empty except for a rather nice tabby and white cat.

He didn’t tell me who he was representing. I would guess, it was himself!

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