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Kenneth Grange Gets A Knighthood

The BBC has at least flagged this up on their web site. But they are not talking about it on the radio.

Kenneth Grange has created some of Britain’s most iconic designs. This from Wikipedia perhaps sums up his philosophy.

He has also said that his attitude to designing any product is that he wants it to be “a pleasure to use”

My question is why has the knighthood been so long in coming?

We may idolise some worthies and a lot of non-entities in this country, but there are few who have achieved so much and created objects for us all as Kenneth Grange.

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Arise Sir Bradley

If after his exploits this year in the Tour of France (It’s the Anglo-Saxon’s now!) and then his untouchable performance in the Olympic time-trial yesterday, where he made a world-class field look like amateurs, he must be odds-on to be knighted in the near future. The web certainly thinks so.

Would he be the first Sir Bradley?

Searching the Internet only finds an anti-gay evangelical Christian web-site, a US wrestler called Sir Bradley Charles and a Sir Bradley Avenue in Sacramento, California.  In my book only the last one has any credence.  So who was it named after?

So I think he would be the first Sir Bradley!

There of course a lot of sites saying he should be knighted.

For different reasons, such as his part in bringing the Olympics to London, it can’t be long before Her Majesty corrects the mistake the Greeks made over David Beckham, by adding a knighthood to his name.

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What Have Fred Goodwin, Allen Stanford and Robert Mugabe Got In Common?

They all have lost their knighthoods, although Mugabe’s was honorary. But they would make a wonderfully well-matched set of dinner party companions!

But count your fingers after they’ve left.

One ruined the currency of one of the richer countries in the developing world, another stole virtually all the cash in a series of islands and the third helped to create a banking crisis that affected much of Northern Europe.

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What Have Betty Boothroyd, David Attenborough, Lord Foster and Tim Berners-Lee In Common?

They are all members of the Order of Merit, which is the only British honour that is a personal gift of the Sovereign. It is limited to 24 members and with the deaths of Lucien Freud and Joan Sutherland, there are now only twenty two full members and one honorary one; Nelson Mandela.

From inception in 1902, the honour has always been open to women and originally was awarded as a means to acknowledge “exceptionally meritorious service in Our Navy and Our Army, or who may have rendered exceptionally meritorious service towards the advancement of Art, Literature and Science”.

Looking at the current list, there are no military figures, two women, an archbishop, three politicians, of whom one is a Canadian, a playright, several Nobel prize winners, a sculptor, a broadcaster; David Attenborough, several scientists and mathemeticians and a couple of philanthropists. Perming any six from twenty-two would make one hell of a dinner party.

So the Queen has a problem!

She has to fill the two vacancies and she will do this without political interference.

There is only one from the theatre;Tom Stoppard, so such as Alan Bennett, Judi Dench and Ian McKellen must be in the frame. Alan Bennett has already refused a knighthood, so he may not accept.  On the other hand, it might have been Benjamin Britten, who initially refused, but accepted when he was told that the honour was the personal gift of the sovereign.

There is no doctor, so perhaps Lord Winston or someone of equal stature should be added. I have one doctor in mind, as he helped me greatly when C died, but I won’t name him here.

There are also no sportsmen or sportswomen on the list and if you look at past holders none came from sport. But then when the order was founded sport was an irrelevance to most people, except for gambling and entertainment. So should this ommission be rectified? In my view the only possible person might have been Chris Brasher, but he died a few years ago. Ian Botham will be another possible in a decade or so, as he is too young at present.

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Joe Brown Gets a CBE

Joe Brown, the rock climber has been made a CBE today.

I specifically remember Joe for a fascinating piece of television in the 1960s.  It’s described here.  I’ve still not found the Eddie Izzard link to the film.

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